Jim Clark Rally 2020

The planning for this year’s event is well under way with our permits from Motorsport UK issued and the process of obtaining SBC permits progressing well.

After the release of the consultative documents we have heard there are concerns that the Jim Clark Rally may be reducing its focus on Duns. We want to assure everyone that this is not so.

  • The 2019 rally was centred entirely on Duns. This would not have been possible without the huge amount of support in kind and logistics from certain Duns companies and families.
  • The Jim Clark Rally brings approximately £3.5m economic gain to the Scottish Borders each year. The JCR organisers are fully committed to being centred on Duns and to continue bringing economic and social benefits to the community.
  • In the past, the rally HQ and the support activities including ceremonial start and finish, press and PR, communications, service, scrutineering, administration and control, social gatherings, camping etc were spread between Kelso and Duns. We have now brought all these activities into Duns along with our pre-rally planning and we are running most of our stages in a radius around Duns. This includes completely filling all available accommodation in the Duns area before looking elsewhere.

The growing popularity of the rally has created a requirement for it to be increased in size. New government legislation concerning motorsport has removed old legislative restrictions which confined it to the old county of Berwickshire. With the full support of Scottish Borders Council we’re using this new freedom to develop the rally further and to increase the economic and social benefits. We’re doing this by launching one carefully selected stage which is further from Duns than our traditional stages although we will no longer run a stage through the centre of Duns for economic and safety reasons.