The Bus Driver

THE JIM CLARK RALLY, 8/9 November 2019
As interest in this year’s Jim Clark Rally, which will take place on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th of November 2019 steps up a gear, another local Duns driver is preparing to enter his favourite event.
Celebrating 40 years of successful business this year, Duns based E & A J Robertson is a family firm which runs 17 buses and as well as tours and private hires, provides transport for the essential ‘school runs’ every school day of the year.
It was Eric who founded the business, but son Dale is now a director. He’s also a school bus driver as well as a competent and successful rally driver which he combines with a fierce love of rugby. Indeed, Dale has played for the Duns Rugby Football First Team for the past 19 seasons.
“This is not a desk job,” said Dale, “it’s still very much a hands-on family business. I usually drive the more senior high school pupils’ buses and you can always tell when the rally comes around. The youngsters get really excited and the more enthusiastic sit up at the front of the bus and ply me with questions. Then after the rally they gather round to tell me where they watched – and whether I was any good or not!”
Dale followed his brother into rallying but has never concentrated on a full championship season as rugby duty prevails. Which is a pity for motor sports fans as Dale is as competitive behind the wheel as he is on the pitch: “I started in the Peugeot 205 Challenge in 2005,” said Dale, “and contested the ‘Stars of the Future’ series in 2006, but my best season was in 2014 when I won the national Group N title in the Scottish Rally Championship.”
He added: “This is the one event I don’t want to miss. It’s great to have it back.”