Extractor Rescue Replacement Vehicle

At approximately 6.30am on Saturday 28th September en route to the Trackrod Rally the Extractor Rescue Rescue Unit came across  an RTC on the M61 whilst stopped on the hard shoulder to help  due to being 1st the on scene our rescue unit was itself involved in an incident while parked on the hard shoulder, when another vehicle crashed in to the rear of the unit.

Unfortunately the unit is now a write off and  some of our rescue & medical equipment was damaged. We now face large bills to replace the unit like for like 

Extractor Rescue is a voluntary not for profit organisation and this is likely to impact on our ability to provide cover on the events we have committed to cover

Our intention is to obtain replacement vehicle and equipment as soon as possible to help us continue with our obligations

Please support with any donations large or small we will be VERY appreciative of any support you can offer.

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